Bonus Round Head

    Welcome to my Bonus Round list:

    Turns out I must be a glutton for punishment, as I've decided that 102 things is no longer enough or covers everything I want to do. Now I didn't want to keep adding to the base list, just to stop it from getting too bloated. So I thought create a new list with new ideas... as equally as insane and difficult as the main list.

  • 1B. Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting anything in return
  • 2B. Offer your service to a humanitarian cause
  • 3B. Learn a form of martial arts
  • 4B. Try out vegetarianism for 21 days
  • 5B. Watch cherry blossoms in Japan
  • 6B. Hit bullseye on a dartboard
  • 7B. Go on a cruise in the sea
  • 8B. Try out a front-line customer service job such being a waiter/waitress
  • 9B. Visit Vozrozhdeniya Island
  • 10B. ✓ Visit Chernobyl
  • 11B. Witness a tidal wave or Tsunami
  • 12B. Experience a Tropical Cyclone/Typhoon/Hurricane
  • 13B. Climb Mount Fuji
  • 14B. ✓ Watch all of the James Bond movies
  • 15B. Set foot on Antarctica
  • 16B. Attend the International San Diego Comic-Con
  • 17B. Visit Erta Ale
  • 18B. Visit Lake Maracaibo
  • 19B. ✓ Taste the top 10 Vodkas
    1. ✓ Kauffman Vintage Luxury (Russia)
    2. ✓ Stolichnaya Elit (Russia)
    3. ✓ Chateau Mukhrani Chacha (Georgia)
    4. ✓ Grey Goose VX (France)
    5. ✓ Chopin Vodka (Poland)
    6. ✓ 42 Below (New Zealand)
    7. ✓ Belvedere Vodka (Poland)
    8. ✓ NV New Amsterdam Vodka (US)
    9. ✓ Xellent (Switzerland)
    10. ✓ U'Luvka Vodka (Poland)
  • 20B. Take an amazing scenic rail journey
  • 21B. See the Worst Films of All Time
  • 22B. Walk on a Glacier
  • 23B. ✓ Spend a night in the desert
  • 24B. Visit all 6 "Super Calderas"
    1. Yellowstone Caldera - Wyoming, USA
    2. Long Valley Caldera - California, USA
    3. Valles Caldera - New Mexico, USA
    4. Lake Toba - North Sumatra, Indonesia
    5. Aira Caldera - Kyūshū, Japan
    6. Lake Taupo - North Island, New Zealand
  • 25B. Attend a coffee Barista course
  • 26B. Take a cocktail making class
  • 27B. Learn how to pick a lock
  • 28B. ✓ Visit the "Boneyard"