Friday 30 May 2014

Number 36: Visit Every Country/Continent

Completed 24 April - 29 May 2014
Update c. USA/North America

So this is an update for Number 36: Visit Every Country/Continent for The United States of America and North America. 

There is a few updates to come from this trip, so I'll be brief in this one and just give a rough overview of where I went, why I went and mention a few of the other updates that are to come.  

About a year and a half ago, my mother mentioned that they would be in America the same time as my 30th birthday and that I should come over. To me sounded like a great idea and opportunity to attempt completion of a few things on my list. So I launched into saving mode and subscribed to all the local airlines mailing lists for deals. 

The rough draft plan
Many hours of research later and changed plans (since America is kinda huge and I ran out of time and money before I could see everything) I ended up with the rough plan of where I was going, for how long and what to do. 

Can't do America without Walmart
Over 100 flavors from this vending machine

The plan was: 
Land in Los Angeles and spend a few days
Head to Las Vegas for friends and family meet-ups and birthday
Then off to Tucson for the Boneyard
And finally over to Oklahoma City for storm chasing before back to L.A. and home. 

In those few stops there was about 5-7 things from the list that could be either completed for partially completed. 

Number 11: Storm Chase a Tornado
Number 36: Visit Every Country/Continent
Number 38: See these Animals in the Wild
Number 40: Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
Number 42: Hit Your Targets
Number 50: Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame
Number 67: Visit...
Number 68: Save Someones Life

Not marking it as complete yet as there is a still more to visit. 


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