Saturday 24 January 2015

Number 94: Get Something Named After You

Completed 10 August 2014.
Gamble's Theorem -

How, oh how was I to complete this one?

"Get a star named after you." Everyone said, unfortunately as an astronomy nerd I know how little they actually mean. For the record (and I hate to completely ruin the romance here) all those star naming companies, are basically not worth the paper they are written on.

I discovered a blog post while in research mode for Number 94 that listed a few interesting things you could get named after yourself for a varying degree of cost

  • A Rose - Your own personalised variety of bloom from World of Roses, coming in at around $1500.
  • A New Species - A long and expensive process, but it's getting a new species named after you from Discover Life in America, costing anywhere from $2500-$10,000.
  • A New Spider Species - Now I could no longer find the details of this, which means it may be off the table, but apparently at one stage the Queensland Museum was offering this for a price tag of $5125.
  • A Star - I talked about this just before, but they have no ties to the IAU (International Astronomical Union), read more here.
  • and lastly, a Mathematical Theorem - which was the way I ended up going due to the interesting nature and the great value price tag, $24.

So after some initial investigations of the website and research into the specifics of what a theorem actually is. I paid, picked a name and waited the two day waiting period while the system generated the mathematical theorem.

Two days later... it was born:

Gamble's Theorem:

fα(χ,Suc(fα(χ,zero))) = fα(χ,Suc(zero))

So What it meant I have no idea haha, although they did send me a instructional on what it meant and how it works but I'm still struggling to translate some of the components in relation to the outline: Induction and Rippling.

I've attached both the certificate and the instructional below so if you wanted to have a crack or want to help me understand it, that would be greatly appreciated.

But apart from that, I framed the certificate and ordered the mug with the theorem printed on it and popped them up on my office desk.

Mark 94 as done.


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