Wednesday 12 December 2012

Number 30: Stay in the Best Suite in a Five Star Hotel

Completed 29 December 2011
Executive One Bedroom Suite - Marriott Hotel - Brisbane

In the December 2011 Christmas break, with the office closed I didn't really have any plans or much to do so I decided to tick of the things from my bucket list. So since I was in line for a bonus in December I picked something that cost a pretty penny.

So I started searching for local 5 star hotels and enquiring as to their most expensive suite and I must say it was an odd experience to ask about available rooms and responding with “Do you have anything more expensive?”

After calling around most of the 5 star hotels in Brisbane, I ended up deciding on the Marriott’s Executive One Bedroom Suite via

Yep, $785.50 for one night. 

So around 1:30pm on the day, I ventured into the city to check in and get sorted. I checked in and went up to the room with no plans to leave it for the entirety of my stay.

While I was there I spent a nice afternoon in the Executive Lounge eating and drinking while reading, watching movies, sleeping in and ordering room service for dinner and breakfast the following morning. The highlight by far was the bed; I have never slept in such a comfortable bed before. 

Mark 30 as done.


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