Sunday 15 February 2015

Number 92: Own an Original Work of Art

Completed 17 February 2015.
Think Tank, Issue 6 / Page 20 - Rahsan Ekedal.

This one started off in a very different way, I was originally looking at your normal types of original art, like paintings, photography and other design work and while there were some interesting ones, there wasn't anything that really grabbed me or worth the insane price tag that came along with it.

So back to the drawing board I went, "What type of art would I actually want to hang in my apartment and what would suit it?".

An idea came to me when my cheap DC Heroes canvas fell off my wall. Bam, original comic art. Now with an idea in mind I started searching, checking out which comics I loved, and locating the individual artists brokers that sold on the artists behalf.

The trick was finding a balance or an artist that wasn't super well known, so I could actually afford the art but also a comic that I had read and enjoyed. The winning combination was located at comiconart for the artist Rahsan-Ekedal for his pencilling and inking of the comic Think Tank.

Now that I'd found the area I reviewed all his work that was up for sale and found a particular page that displayed the main character, his best friend, his dog and some crazy tech gadgets that he was working on that was also within my budget. So I contacted the broker that ran the site, and placed an order request, paid and waited for it to arrive.

A couple of weeks later (since it was coming from the US) it arrived, perfectly boarded and packed and even though I knew the dimensions it was still larger than I expected. I held onto it for a few months before finally getting around to calling local framing places and getting some quotes, with the end result being Abel Framing for around the $150 mark. Although that did jump up to around $220 once I upgraded the frame, acid free backing and UV glass for document protection.

Eight days later...

Mark 92 as done.


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