Wednesday 30 August 2017

Number 67: Visit...

Completed: 16-19 June 2017
Update F: Sydney Harbour, Australia.

The famous Sydney Harbour, a well-known sight around the world and one located right in my back yard… and a sight which I’d never actually gotten around to seeing. So when I was deciding if I should go down to Sydney Supanova for photography, I used Number 67 on my list as an excuse to go down for that while ticking this off my list as well.

The timing of my visit also correlated with the Vivid Sydney light show which was another selling point as that could be a fun thing to photograph while I was there.
I got down there on Friday afternoon and quickly checked into my hotel before heading out to take photos of day one of Supanova and after a few hours shooting I decided to call it and head back to the city and explore Vivid.

I explored and looked around a while, got a few photos of the bridge and opera house but the crowds were rather large making lining up good shots difficult.
Still I managed to get a number of cool photos but I’m sure I could have done better with less people and more time.
While I was there I decided to have a wander through the botanical gardens which also had a number of light displays set up, got a few more photos along the way but again the crowds made it a challenge to take time and setup my gear.

Leaving the park, I decided to head back to my hotel and then get more photos on Monday, once Vivid had closed and I could have a bit more room to shoot.

After shooting the rest of the weekend at Supanova, Monday morning rolled around and I decided to go for a wander through the botanic gardens and get some landscapes from Mrs Macquarie’s Point.
It was a nice relaxing walk with some photography, finished off with a coffee at a small jazz café.

It was a fun adventure for a long weekend finished off in a nice relaxing way. All in all, Sydney was nicer than I was led to believe hearing about it over the years, although granted not as pretty as Brisbane nor did it have the personality of Melbourne.

Subsequently, I actually ended up working down in Sydney for about a month for the new company I was working for and got to spend some real time shooting down here.

Unfortunately, number 67 won't be marked as complete until all of the sites listed have been visited. 

Colosseum, Rome, Italy 
Uluru, Australia 
Machu Picchu, Peru 
The Pyramids at Giza, Egypt 
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Sydney Harbour, Australia 
Taj Mahal, Delhi, India 
Great Barrier Reef, Australia 
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 
Grand Canyon, Arizona 
Angor Wat, Cambodia 
The Great Wall of China


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