Monday 15 September 2014

Number 50: Write Your Name Over a Star on the Walk of Fame

Completed 26 April 2014.
Chuck Norris - Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, icon of Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general... and I had to write my name over one. Now because that's technically vandalism and I'm not an American citizen I couldn't risk doing something (like getting a criminal record) as it would prevent me from completing other things from the list that need to be done in the US. 

So after thinking about my plan of attack, I decided sticking a Gamble Agenda business card, with the number and my name on it to a star would class this as complete. 

My initial plan was after reviewing the list of names ( was to target Matt Damon since I quite often get told I look like him, however once I got there his area was fenced off due to construction :(. 

Curse you construction work!!!!
Much Frustration, so I wandered up and down, taking the the (way to touristy) sights and searched for a new name worthy of the list. 

Hollywood, the capital of marketing?

It After checking my phone extensively at lunch while using the McDonalds free WiFi, I found a name that would be worthy... an icon of brute force, power and countless jokes involving how hard he was.


 Nothing more needs to be said, except maybe...

This website may soon be in memoriam.

Mark Number 50 as done.


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