Number 27 - See an Erupting Volcano

Climbing the final leg on foot, you feel a small rumble and then hear a tremendous roar as you climb, Yasur is greeting you. What a sight to behold.

Number 49 - See both Solar and Lunar eclipses

And while it was not total in Brisbane (83%), it was a strange thing watching it through the solar glasses seeing a massive slice of the sun missing.

Number 10b: Visit Chernobyl

Chernoybyl and Pripyat. Hauntingly beautiful, incredible experiance in an amazing country.

Number 11 - Storm Chase a Tornado*

Partial complete, but an amazing experience even as they were "Rain Wrapped". Huge epic storms with beautiful structure and powerful lightning.

Number 23b: Spend a night in the desert

The heat, the cold and the incredible vast distances of sand.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Number 98: Go on a Demonstration

Completed 05 November 2013 
Brisbane, QLD Australia  

The names have been changed to protect the innocent. <insert Law and Order sound>

Completing number 98 came about in a matter on a couple of weeks after a friend of mine Simon Says invited me to an event via Facebook. The event? The Million Mask March. 

A global event that generally lands on Guy Fawkes Day for supporters of a number of different ideas such as freedom of information, opposition of both corporate and political corruption, a free and independent media and general personal freedom and equality and government and corporate accountability all of which are views I support. 

Unfortunately the Anonymous movement also does seem to attract a fair share of conspiracy theorists that have been debunked time and time again such as 911 “Truthers”, Moon land hoaxers, Chemtrailers and HAARPers. My views are simply this, conspiracies do happen but simply believing unscientific nonsense does nothing but damage your own cause as when scientifically literate people see slogans like “Stop spraying me - Chemtrails” they will write off the entire movement.

Far right.
It also married up that the state government had introduced new "Anti-bikie" laws recently that were of great concern for example it can be used on anything classed as an "association" and it sets the stage for someone to be charged by who you associate with and not the crime you commit. Dangerous road indeed.  

However personal views aside, the walk was set for 3:00pm on 5 November 2013 and I got my gear ready since I would be leaving early from work to attend. The date also coincided with the Melbourne Cup so our audience would be quite large while we walked and I was semi-suited for the event.
Ready to rock this.
So I met up with my mate Simon Says and we walked right around the Brisbane CBD with our police escort which chants, songs and a fair degree of disorganization. But we did it in the super hot weather and celebrated with a couple of cold beers on a school night. 

Spot me if you can.
Mark 98 as done.